5 best combination locks to enhance security purposes by qi locks

There is nothing more important than having a proper security of your valuable things. Before you opt for the best locks, always assume that everybody else has ill intentions because this thing will help you to get best lock for securing valuable things. It is often said that for securing, you should not rely on others and then later on get disappointed with security providers. Instead of doing this, firstly you yourself take personal precaution and then let other do the same and for doing this, you need one of the best Combination Padlock.

Some best Combination Locks are:

1. ORIO Combination Lock:

Such type of lock is mostly preferred for bags and lockers. It is best suitable for its purpose as it will not make your lock look wired so if you are planning to travel and you are afraid for safety of the goods, then just have a trust on this padlock and it will not let you get disappoint. Most important feature of this lock is it is waterproof and has a small volume. Except this, it is rust free and can be fit in little hole of most suitcases without any struggle. This lock can be best use in employee’s lockers, schools and gyms.

2. Master Lock Padlock:

Here is a perfect idea on how and where to save your valuables things. If you are keeping your valuable things in small storage, then this master padlocks will work best with them. If you are having a personal cabinet or any indoor facility that you wish to restrict its access, then having this padlock in your corner is best for you. One of the important feature of this lock is you don’t need a key, 3 digit combination is what you required to open this padlock. This lock also has anti shim mechanisms that make it more secure lock.

3. Oria Combination Lock, 4 Digit Anti Rust Padlock Set:

If you are not satisfy with 3 digit combination, then you can settle for four digit combination lock with this amazing Oria Combination Lock, 4 Digit Anti Rust Padlock Set. Setting and resetting the key is really very easy in such type of lock. The lock is waterproof and rustproof and thus has a wide variety of use. This lock is specially meant for bags and small lockers.

4. TSA Luggage Locks:

This type of lock is best refer as the traveler’s choice. Such type of lock is made to protect your luggage as you travel. With having 4 digit combination, nobody except you have right to access your writing. This lock provides you more than ten thousand combinations and that what make it a perfect lock for safety of your valuable things.

5. Padlock- 4 digit Combination Lock:

Padlocks are specially meant for specific security measures. Padlock are portable lock with shackle that is use to prevent your valuable things from unauthorized use, theft, vandalism or harm. A test done on padlock state that it take more than 10 minute longer time to crack the code on this lock than other locks. The numbers are elementary to operate so you can set and reset your pass words with ease. Best thing about this lock is it comes with three years of warranty.


Security is more important than anything else, and that is why you must have the best Combination padlock in your corner for protecting your belongings. Don’t looks elsewhere, just pick one of the above locks from Qilocks and you will never regret your decision.

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