Be smart with QI smart locks.

Having Smart locks on your doors will surely bring a complete new level of access and convenience to your home. Smart locks in your home will not only enable you to grant access to your home, but it will also send alerts messages to you so you can track entry and exit. One can get this feature only in smart locks and this feature is great for homeowners who grant remote access to relatives or service workers on a regular basis.  

The guide provided by Best Lockers in London/UK will help you to know more about the technology used in Lockers along with their functionality and benefits.

Smart Lock Functionality

Smart door locks have same functionality like regular deadbolts and door locks. Something that makes smart lock different from regular locks, then smart locks provide keyless entry system, code monitoring and reporting capability via Smartphone that isn’t possible in regular door locks. In Keyless entry system, one can directly enter code onto the Keypad to unlock the door. For getting remote access of such locks, one should need access to Bluetooth, Wifi or Z-wave.

Getting access through Bluetooth or Wifi will have some restriction. Such as getting access to Bluetooth is easiest but it will only work within the range of approx 20-40 feet whereas Wifi has Unlimited range, once your Smartphone is connected to Wifi network, you can activate lock from anywhere. The best method of activating smart lock is with key or by entering specific code on Keypad locks that is most convenient feature for providing access to friends and neighbours while you’re away from your home.

Lifespan of Smart Locks

Normally, a smart lock operates via battery power, so the lifespan of some smart locks ranges from 6 months to one year. One best feature of smart lock is that it has an audible alert sound feature that will tell you that you need to replace battery as soon as battery power begin to fade. One of the amazing features of smart lock is that this lock can also interact with other home products that are within your network, so even you can program your lights to switch on automatically whenever you unlock a door moreover, you can also attach it with security camera so that whenever enter your home, it will automatically send picture to your Smartphone.

Deadbolts: Upgrade or Replace?

If you don’t want to lose your old deadbolt, there are few smart locks that will fit in your existing deadbolt, turning your deadbolt lock into smart lock. The process of turning deadbolt lock into a smart lock will rarely take 15-20 min. If you want to replace your deadbolt completely, choose a smart lock that will fit comfortably with your existing door hardware. Before choosing a Smart lock, always be sure that the lock you are choosing for your house is able to communicate with smart phone or smart hub to operate effectively.

These are some of the feature of smart Locks. Get different variety of Smart locks from Qilocks and be smart and intelligent while giving new look to your home and providing 100% safety to your valuable things.


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