RFID provides Contactless Entry for Hotel Guest

RFID Locks

Generally speaking, three main parts make up in a passive RFID system – an RFID reader or interrogator, an RFID antenna, and RFID tags. Unlike active RFID tags, passive RFID tags only have two main components – the tag’s antenna and the microchip or integrated circuit (IC).

The Locking Hardware needed is minimally visible on your door, with only a small signal reader, and even locks which provide maximum security with the power anti-cloning technology. The Radio frequency Identification (RFID Locks) readers were also designed to easily adapt to use new technology so that guests could also use their smart phones instead. We will Manufacturer more types of locks like Keypad LocksSmart LocksCombination LocksBiometric LocksCam LocksIndustrial Locks, and PadLocks.

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