The Locks We Use Every Day- Cam Locks

cam lock

A Cam Lock consists of a stationary cylinder like lock that when unlocked or turned, a cam rotates 90 degrees at the back unlocking or the door or drawer being secured.  Throughout this blog will be links showing the examples of the features of cam locks being discussed.

As we can see, the Cam Locks is probably one of the most flexible locks ever made.  Over the years, the designs have changed and evolved, the materials have improved and the security has increased day by day. One thing has remained the same; all cam locks operate a locking cam: this is the definition of a cam lock.

Some features of Cam Locks:

  • Can be made in electronic versions
  • Can be keyed alike, keyed differently or master keyed
  • Can turn either left or right, either 90 or 180 degrees


There are some electrical cam lock connectors used in temporary production of electrical power production.

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